About Kent

What Sets Us Apart


SAP Consulting
My consulting associates and I believe successful implementation of new business organizations, processes and/or systems demands a clear vision.

We encourage and guide our clients to
 Assess and revitalize the business process including internal and external dependencies,
 Ensure stakeholders have a committed involvement through all project phases
 Never underestimate training and support in the early days,
 Embrace managed risk,
 Capture the benefits quickly, and
 Maintain the process improvement commitment after Go-Live.

What was accepted business process policy yesterday most likely has been overcome by events today. Your employees absolutely must be sold on the new process or they will ignore and work around it. The most difficult change and most important to success is your employee's first live encounters. It is not cost-effective to stress test every nook and cranny of the software, instead, relentlessly focus on the portions which would cause substantial financial pain in event of failure. Time is money and the ROI of your project is best when accomplished sooner rather than later.

We have a proven ability to:
 Master complex business information needs
 Lead implementations of business systems
 Articulate ideas with concise confidence
 Assess and embrace managed risk
 Manage to completion multiple work efforts
 Mentor diverse teams of individuals