IRS Form 4562 Automated

IRS Form 4797 Automated


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Requirement: Prepare the annual IRS Form 4797 (Sale of Business Property) using automatic SAP data integration
Problem: Need tool to produce IRS Form 4797
               Provide supporting detailed transactions for each line
              Your proprietary asset data cannot be exported externally
              Tool should be inexpensive and easy to use.
Solution: BETTISWORTH IRS Form 4797 product
Features: Extracts from SAP and automatically populates each line of IRS Form 4797 (and includes Form 4684, 8824, and 6252)
                For each line item, provides supporting detailed transactions
                Does not require external export of your proprietary fixed asset data
                Execute extracts within Excel using your company unique master data
                Provides pre-delivered and configured queries for each IRS line item
                Implement in less than 1 day
Technical: Embedded query combined with MS Excel and BETTISWORTH program

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 Pricing:  - Annual renewable subscription
               - IRS 4797 product is $5,850 
               - Discount of $2,850, if purchased with IRS 4562-4626 product
BONUS: Annual subscription includes SAP consulting support for your fixed asset module, as needed for:
               - Add or remove bonus depreciation key on existing assets
               - Create or update bonus depreciation keys
               - Confirm depreciation key calculation
               - Correct improper depreciation key settings
               - Update key master data fields related to tax reporting

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