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ASC606 / IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition and ASC842 / IFRS16 Lease Accounting
Are you Revenue Recognition Ready? Don't know POBs from SSPs? <<<<>>>> Are you Lease Accounting ready? Do you know an ROU from a NPV?
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Solutions to simplify SAP data integration
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Simplify SAP data integration solutions!
Welcome!  We provide solutions to simplify SAP data integration!  Our teams have decades of expertise in Solution Design, Project Management, as well as SAP and Winshuttle technologies. Our thirty years of consulting expertise includes specialization in project systems and fixed asset business processes.   

Our services include SAP Consulting, Winshuttle technology services, and Access to SAP systems for training and development including the latest software releases. Accelerate your SAP skills or demo and develop Winshuttle templates.  Let's connect and share ideas... e-mail, call 713-467-8374.

Connect with our universe of project management and SAP software.  You will find the most important processes and expertise we devote to SAP and the business of project management and project accounting.

IFRS, Fixed Assets, Project Systems, SAP Consulting, SAP Access, SAP Training
Connect with our universe of fixed asset management and SAP software.  You will find the most important processes and expertise we devote to SAP and the business of fixed asset management and accounting.

Every successful consultant adheres to four fundamental principles: 1) Listen to your client, 2) Deliver quality work, 3) Educate yourself continually, and 4) stay connected to your community.  My associates and I steadfastly apply these principles in our professional work and our relationship with you...our client.  Here you will find a concise consolidation of the most important consulting values we deliver for our business partners and clients.
Connect with a variety of SAP training solutions including access to an SAP system for your individual or corporate training and Winshuttle demo and testing purposes.  In addition, we work with corporations to deliver selected cost-effective, customized SAP training courses and materials.  SAP Business users and SAP consultants alike will find a variety of SAP training selections including articles, presentations, tutorials, and live webinars.

We work with the finest companies in the world!